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You got to love this little "about me" home page to introduce myself. I would rather you check out the slideshow above and check out all those cute children and families buuut I will share some about me too. Hmmm were to start? My name is Crysti P. and I am owner of Grace Photography. I am an over sharer and am one big run on sentence. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a talker 96% of the time and a hermit the other 4%. I am  a cluttered,busy happy mess walking around that loves life and laughter to the fullest!!
I love the feeling of connection to people, like when you meet people and you feel like you have known them for forever, yes I am that kind of person, I can talk to anyone. I love to meet people, listen to funny stories and I like to tell them too(especially during sessions to get those real laughs), try my best to show kindness and always be appreciative for every little or big thing anyone does for me and pass the kind acts forward is what I believe. I laugh a lot and find humor in most things in life, that helps my heart stay happy along with JESUS CHRIST of course. HE is perfectly wonderful and my Heavenly FATHER.
I love to watch people interact  with each other too,but especially families and children. Makes my heart skip beats.I aim to capture those moments and bring life to photography. I love LOVE too and when people show it towards each other. You will hear me say that more than 4 times during your photography session, that I love LOVE..... I come from a big family  and have 4 children of my own. So needless to say family is so very important to me and ALL children from all backgrounds hold a special place in my heart. I can meet a child and just instantly have to speak to them or try to get a smile out of them. There is just something about a childs smile and laughter that is just wonderful to me and I could hear that all day everyday. I love childrens real smiles,real laughter and I like to see kids just getting to be kids, they are not that way long and we need to preserve that time for them of no worries but just being happy and let them be kids as long as they can be.
Back to connections and what I believe about them, I believe with all my heart that connections turn into moments and moments turn into memories and memories is what we have to keep us alive on the inside  and that is the biggest reason why I love photography and what I do get to do for people. Photos preserve connections,moments and memories that may if  not for photos would have been almost forgotten. Memories are priceless, and how wonderful it is to be able to pull out a photo from the past and you just get that happy feeling that takes you back to that moment or time in your life when it was taken. Another thing I love is light or lights, have always loved light,from CHRISTmas lights, twinkling stars, fire light, lightning bugs to sunrises to some gorgeous evening ,hazy sun light like I played out in in the evenings till dark when I was a child. Light amazes me, makes me automatically feel warm on the inside.I think it is GOD just showing us HIS beautiful handy work and a glimpse of his holiness..I can see a gorgeous beam of evening light shining down in a grown up field and immediately in my mind I put a  smiling child, laughing family, or a sweet young girl that is blossoming into a young lady in it  with a old vintage prop  or quilt and start snapping my inside camera.
Funny I know but I really have a fascination with people ,connections,laughter,love,happy children and families oh yes and sun light. My children and the fascinations with these things is how my photography journey began and getting to combine these things together and  shoot things with my camera I love makes me Happy, Happy, Happy. This is were my heart is and this is what I want to shoot. I want to shoot what is so very close to my heart. If you want me to capture the things that make your heart sing, your family,your children or child, teen or young adult for you and you want to give my camera some laughing smiles you can contact me at gracephotography3@yahoo.com. I can’t wait to meet and talk with you and capture your connections,moments and memories to last you a lifetime of smiles and laughter.
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